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Postby gmattson » Tue Apr 15, 2008 12:32 pm

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There are no cures for this debilitating problem, which damages the body, causing pain, depression and fatigue. Sometimes it simply stops progressing. Long-term use of anti-inflammatory drugs can cause other problems. Homeopathy can sometimes ease the suffering, but not in every case. Here are some remedies you might like to try, in low strengths.
Irreparable damage with pain, Rhus tox 6C
Painful joints with no other signs, Ruta 6C
Red hot joint, worse for touch, Belladonna or Bryonia 6C
Cold red joint worse for touch, Colch 6C
Swollen joint, worse for touch, Apis mel 6C
Stiff contracted joints, easing with pressure, Form ruf 6C
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