Chronic may need help.

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Chronic may need help.

Postby C. J. Rupert Juta » Tue Sep 23, 2008 12:29 pm

Chronic fatigue: a guide to when you need help.

A Homeopath will treat items individually as well as seeking a lifestyle change and improved general life habits. Treatment is too individualised to make suggestions here, but if you suffer from all or most of the symptoms listed below, you almost certainly need help.

Exhaustion, tiredness, feeling run down.
Anger with anyone making demands.
Self-criticism for putting up with demands of others.
Cynicism, negativity, irritability.
Feels besieged on all fronts.
Explodes at inconsequential things.
Headaches and stomach upsets.
Weight loss or gain.
Breathlessness, puffing.
Suspicious of all sorts of things.
Feel helpless, cannot break out.
Take stupid risks.
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