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Postby C. J. Rupert Juta » Fri Nov 21, 2008 4:55 pm

These types of problems can be a nightmare. I have had many struggles with them, both my own and those of various patients. People generally arrive at the Homeopath’s after all else has failed and the problem is a year or more old. I have never found any single remedy which has worked on its own, and suspect the problem is far deeper seated, possibly reflecting a deep-seated inner disorder of the healing process. Anyhow, I have had considerable success, sometimes very rapid, with sportspeople and others, by using a shotgun approach to jolt the healing vital force (chi?) into action. It must be stressed that in Homeopathy, each person is treated as an individual, and there is no general single symptom remedy unless for certain acute disorders. The regime described below is similar to one that achieved a sudden and complete cure of a top athlete, who had been suffering for a year. Others have been prescribed variations of the theme, with different remedies and different dosages added or subtracted.
1.Aconite (homeopathic): Nights 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 etc up to 10 doses.
2.Full spectrum of Tissue Salts which you may have to have made up, 1 every third day, 15 doses.
3.Full range of Amino Acids 1 every second day, 15 doses.
4.Ruta (homeopathic): One dose at mid-day 3 times a week for 10 doses.
5.Arnica (homeopathic): One every third morning for 10 doses.
6.Rhus tox (homeopathic): One dose one hour before each training session for 10 doses.
7.The painful area should be exercised 5 days a week just up to the point of twinge, or just being aware of it, for a maximum range of movement, and for a few minutes, perhaps 10. As it heals you can apply very small, increasing resistance.
There are several other remedies which have also proved effective, but the above may help in many cases. Classical Homeopaths may throw up their arms in dismay, at my use of remedies, but since they work it is justified, in my view. Healing generally takes from one to six months. Be careful not to re-injure the tendon as it improves, but make sure to use it constantly.
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