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Chi flow of the human body and all life

PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 6:43 pm
by nos482
Hi all I've noticed throughout the years of doing sanchin and the other katas and also chi-kung. The flow of positive and neg. ions or chi of people and all living things. This in some cases people can see the colors of energy around a person. One person I talked to called it energy halos. I called it chi or +/- ions and can affect others by this. If you don't protect yourself in sanchin I noticed one persons eyes go bloodshot. I've done an experiment at work I would complement people on their positive traits and avoid the neg. people and traits. How does one person affect others?? :roll: I know the answer.
Keeping in tune mind, body, spirit. Through good eating habits, exercise, meditation, and how you view life and all life forms on earth. Opt. or Pes. view on everyday events. Morals and ethics and values. All stimuli can affect a person. nos[/i] ps. I've notice that trees give off the most chi and chi from it changes color with the seasons and weather.

Chi and Homeopathy

PostPosted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 4:49 pm
by C. J. Rupert Juta
Homeopathy is said to nudge the Chi into action, so that the body heals itself. Sometimes the body does not recognise a disorder, for some reason, and needs nudgeing to recognise it and to get into action.