Our Brand New Little Uechi-Ka!!!

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Our Brand New Little Uechi-Ka!!!

Postby Dana Sheets » Fri Nov 23, 2007 8:04 pm

Dearest Uechi Family,

Heather and I are very, very pleased to introduce our son! Cory Baxter Sheets Lipin joined the world on November 14th. He is, of course, the cutest little guy in the world!

And here are a couple pictures.


We are happy, exhausted, joyful, and did I mention sleepy?



Heather is doing well, Cory is amazing and I am beside myself in sheer awe of it all!
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Dana Sheets
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Postby gmattson » Sat Nov 24, 2007 1:23 am

Dana and Heather. . .

Good looking yougster. . . I bet he will be wearing a gi before long! :)
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Postby Rick Wilson » Sat Nov 24, 2007 4:35 am

Rick Wilson

Postby Stryke » Sat Nov 24, 2007 7:33 am

8) Congratulations !!!

Postby tigereye » Sat Nov 24, 2007 4:25 pm

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Postby Van Canna » Sat Nov 24, 2007 10:33 pm

Congratulations :D
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Van Canna
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Good Work

Postby Robb in Sacramento » Sun Nov 25, 2007 1:33 am

Well, I was wondering why you were being so quiet. Now I know. Sleep deprivation. Good work. I know he will always be surrounded by love and a sense of life's possibilities. My best to you both.

Robb in Sacramento
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Postby chef » Sun Nov 25, 2007 4:37 am

Heather and Dana, a huge congratulations to your beautiful baby boy. He is beautiful. I know he will bring great joy to you both. He is truly loved, I am sure.

God bless you all and give you much wisdom in raising your child.

Enjoy your amazing gift.

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Postby Bill Glasheen » Sun Nov 25, 2007 7:07 am

Call me any time you need a friend. Trust me - you will in another 13 years or so... ;)

Congratulations to you both. I am so very happy for you.

BTW, that is the most beautifully happy face I think I've ever seen on Heather.

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Postby Dana Sheets » Sun Nov 25, 2007 1:19 pm

Thank you everyone for your well wishes and offers of support. And yes - he's got me quite busy so you probably won't see much of me for a couple of months. However, know that during diaper changing times I'll be working hard on covering my centerline and stepping off the lines of..well...you know... :D

He is joy. Simple, wonderful, joy - there is nothing more wonderful than holding him and watching him be held.
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Dana Sheets
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Postby Bill Glasheen » Sun Nov 25, 2007 4:00 pm

FWIW... Diaper duty is not a woman's duty.

Because of work and other logistical issues, I did much of the work of raising number 1 son in the first year except for the very important role of breast feeding. Even before I had my first son and I was doing research in the lab on anesthetized dogs, I was amazed at how grown men with kids would get all eeewwwwie when Fido pooped a bloody, wormy one. Wimps!

Want to know what it's like to go through 5 changes of baby clothing in 2 hours when junior is having one of those stomach bug issues?

It's a labor of love. You either get it or you don't. If you get that, your son will be a very lucky boy, and will grow up to be a man you both will be proud of. And on that note, my gut tells me that the world is already blessed.

- Bill
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Bill Glasheen
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Postby Mary S » Sun Nov 25, 2007 5:27 pm

Dana, Cory is absolutely beautiful!!! What was his size and weight?

Congratulations to you and Heather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

PM me your address!
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Postby fivedragons » Sun Nov 25, 2007 11:02 pm

:new-bday: :bday: :B-fly: :angel: :D
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Postby GIESECK » Mon Nov 26, 2007 1:30 pm

Congratulations Dana from the land of Karate!!! Please pass my congrats on to Heather! Look forward to seeing the three of you in Okinawa sometime soon!!! You thought that plane ride was long before! 8O
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Postby cxt » Mon Nov 26, 2007 6:26 pm


Congrats!!!!!!!! :)
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