Different people, different expressions

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Different people, different expressions

Postby chef » Fri Sep 05, 2008 2:38 pm

You know when you hang around someone long enough, you pick up their expressions and mannerisms. That's why spouses start looking alike, I think. They pick up same facial expressions, silly habits, etc.

I have recently found myself picking up my friend, Sue Dudley's expression, to the point my husband laughs because I sound like Sue. They are such a part of Sue. I love it and have adopted them, using them regularly.

Sue expressions:

- It's all good
- Let's have a large time.
- Ya think?
- Oh my!

My ex-daughter-in-law (whom I love dearly) would use a word to describe someone that was so strange or physically gross: spivey. That is such a funny word...and I find myself using it as well.

What expessions come to mind of people you know?

This can be fun,
"Cry in the dojo, laugh in the battlefield"
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