keeping training notebooks

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keeping training notebooks

Postby Shana Moore » Wed Apr 29, 2009 9:40 pm

I was just reminded to pull out my own notebook and go back through it on some things...which leads me to these questions:

How many of you keep notebooks on your training?
What do you include?
What do you think SHOULD be included?
Has it been useful and how?
Do you go back and review older notebooks?
Those of you that are sensei/teacher/coach, do you use this information as you teach others?
Do you share your information or is it your private resource?

For my part, I include any handouts and my own notes/thoughts on what I've learned or heard in class. I also copy/print off useful information I find on the web or in books I read regarding techniques, training, health/injury, etc. I want to start including my thoughts as I try out things in my own practice on how/why I do certain movements, which i should have been doing all along. Part of that beginner "do" vs "think" mentality, I guess.

Something mentioned in the piece I was reading elsewhere, was a suggestion to record the observations and history that your sensei/coach/teacher mentions in class because these oral histories get lost so easily. What a GREAT idea!

So what are your thoughts?
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Postby hoshin » Thu Apr 30, 2009 2:15 am

very good thread Shana.
i have note books, journals, diarys in stacks upon stacks. i have had them since i was 14.
when i was a young teen the system i was doing was filled with things to remember. i became known as "Encyclopedia"

i created my own short hand. i wrote down everything. in later years i wrote my own ideas and concepts , discoveries.
some were in the form of a dairy. happy black belt test moments, moments of sadness when people and teachers have passed.

i tell every student i have ever had to start and keep one. unfortunately no one ever does.
i credit a lot of my success as a martial artist to this one simple thing.
i have also read that many successful bussisness people do the same thing.

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