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Postby Van Canna » Fri Oct 23, 1998 1:55 am

Adventurous women are a gift to mankind !

In "time of the wolf " by William Blankenship , [Donald fine] $24.95 ..a gutsy , intelligent , very successful woman , series figure Kay Williams , pursues the original Jim Bowie knife and is pursued in turn .Williams is an antique dealer ; the knife [ the iron mistress] , if authenticated , is worth millions ; and a diverse array of unsavory characters want it .

The book review , states that The Austin Texas , setting is nicely used , and despite an unsatisfactory ending , the novel shows plenty of household style promise !

Should complement nicely the fantastic movie "The Iron Mistress" with Alan Ladd and Virginia Mayo , made in 1952 !

"The Iron Mistress" What an alluring title !!!

Van Canna
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Van Canna
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Postby Lori » Mon Oct 26, 1998 4:41 am

Iron Mistress, Indeed!

Forged by searing flame and gentle hammer - a blade unsurpassed is created into legend. Such can be the adventurous spirit of a woman...strong and cutting deeply through the obstacles that try to force her into complacency!

The possessor of this knife will have a companion like no other - the worthy wieldor of such a weapon can know no insurmountable obstacle - such harmony between two diverse parts is the stuff that great stories and legends are made of ... hopefully the author of this book continues to honor the beauty of the pairing depicted in the original movie!

A weapon as a woman - there is a martial "art" for you!

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