Desperate Pleas

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Desperate Pleas

Postby Knight » Wed Nov 25, 1998 2:51 am

Well, well!
Allen, keep on keeping on. The more you write, the more you teach us all. Loner indeed! I know the (arch)type. I also have that ambivalent push-pull of wanting to attach, but knowing the consequences!

Mike H., I'll see you at camp. Meet me at Lori's pregnancy simulation workshop. There we'll wear the 20-pound bellies and perform our most advanced katas, while Lori videotapes. Deal? Dare?

Words do not suffice...

Doctor X,
Live long and repair many ves-cicles.

Your hot-wash, hot-air-dry, shunken pal,
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Desperate Pleas

Postby JohnC » Wed Nov 25, 1998 6:18 am


Your forum continues to be provocative. You have set a pace that will push the envelop a little. This brings out many good opportunities for learning, sharing and growing, but sadly will probably continue to draw out the miscue and miscreant as well.


Not that you asked for it, but your sharing was really gutsy. I wonder how many of us could be so frank and elequent about such deeply personal and disturbing matters. To this mere minnow this would seem to be Uechi at it's best. Osu!


Kudos to you as well.

Mike H.:

No comment.

It's apparent that these forums, will continue to be emotionally charged, direct and challenging to us posters and lurkers alike. Seems to me that there is very powerful rationale to study and understand why we are drawn to karate. What is this insidious addictive beast of violence? How do our personal backgrounds affect our lives now and our study of karate? Where are the circles of potential threat and harm and how can we recognize them? Because of the proliferation of domestic abuse and/or it's revelation, chances are we will encounter it whether through an inlaw, neighbor, new student, etc. Better to know it and understand it to be better able to contend with any situation or encounter.

Lori's posts, along with Allen's and Anthony's are poignant reflections into this dark glass of self, brutality, self-defense and survivalism. Hardly triviality or extraneous in my mind to the study of self defense or, especially, women in the martial arts, since domestic abuse is a far greater likelihood than random violence.



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Desperate Pleas

Postby moulton » Wed Nov 25, 1998 11:40 am

Hello all.

Good thing I've gotta get outta here in 8 minutes because I can really continue.

Michael, You're not egging me on er challenging me to continue my discussion are you as in your statement "keep on going?" eh, eh.

JohnC, Thanx! No skin off my nose to do this. However, the rest is nobody's business and will remain out of a forum. This is a mature subject and written with the mature person in mind. Those are the ones who will benefit from what I have already put forth.

To All! Physical and/or sexual abuse by a parent, abuse on parents by children, sibling abuse, or mate abuse is more common than anyone cares to believe. It is both physically and emotionally destroying, and many who suffer either never recover or only partially recover.

When a child slashes her own wrists trying to kill herself because she can't take it any longer one wonders what goes through her mind.

I'm out of time. Got to run.


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