Love's physiology

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Love's physiology

Postby Lori » Tue Dec 29, 1998 5:46 am

Ok, JD-san is stirring the pot once more - and I can't let one of his recent comments go - yet it did not seem appropriate to respond in the other thread as my question departs from that topic - to quote our resident master of logic:

Unfortunately, it is often easier to fall onto magical thinking to explain the confusing. Uncomfortable with our current understanding of "mind" some would prefer to create a "soul" independent of physiology. [J.D.]

My question then is this: is love in the mind? Do you scientists then relegate the mystery of union/attraction between two souls - sorry - minds - to that of some chemical equation? Lust, maybe - I can understand that, but love as well? So love isn't magical? (I never professed to understand "mind" - but where then does love reside if not in a soul?)

Enlighten me please!

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