Training Mary

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Training Mary

Postby Lori » Fri Jan 19, 2001 6:35 pm


An inspiring post! Thank you for sharing it here - please do keep us updated - it's great to hear about such an example of feminine martial spirit.

Looking forward to hearing the results from New Brunswick!


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Training Mary

Postby Gilbert MacIntyre » Sat Jan 20, 2001 5:51 am

I have mentioned Mary a couple of times on this forum, so I thought I would post an update.

The reason she comes to mind today is that when I sit at the computer I have to position myself just right so the back of the chair doesn't touch my back.

You see we're training Mary for a kickboxing card in New Brunswick next month, she's the main event. So last night I had her in the ring getting her to crank up the intensity. Now her hooks will kill, just look at the cut on my ear, but that's not what hurt my back.

I'm teaching her how to drive her opponent into the ropes and catch her with a straight left(Mary's a south paw) as she bounces off. Mary is a quick study.

When I got home I looked in the mirror to investigate the nagging little sting at the very top of my butt. There you could see every braid and stitch of the ring rope. Straight across my extreme lower back, today it is slightly swollen and a little red and blue.

There was a few young guns watching last night, all of them in awe of this GIRL'S power.

One other thing a couple of weeks ago a young gun said he wanted to go a couple of rounds with Mary and he would knock her out. Well at that time we were all heading out of the gym so we let it go. Fast forward a week, he and his buddies were doing some ring time when Mary came in, she said she was going to take up his challenge. She told him to stay in the ring she would be right in.

After a few weak excuses to look for time he finally just admitted he didn't want to fight with her. I teased him a bit later and he looked at me very serious and said "man she was going to knock me out". I told him at least he had the courage to back away before he got carried away, that's an important lesson.

Mary and the other girls in the Dojo have a laugh when we yell at her during a workout, "Hey Mary, you can hit harder than that. You're hitting like a guy."

Did I mention Mary is also a knockout when it comes to looks.

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