Well this explains alot.

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Well this explains alot.

Postby AAAhmed46 » Tue Mar 25, 2008 10:54 am

http://www.islamonline.com/news/newsful ... wid=100547

I always wondered why we didn't hear much about the semetic christians in that area. I also wondered how Hamas got elected.

I never knew they were popular among christians in the area. Apparently, when hamas was campagning during the election, they actually had many christians running for office.

Kind of makes me question whether or not Hamas is like the PLO: Nationalistic extremists?

I always thought they were religious fundamentalists, but they don't seem to have any desire to have the world run as a caliphate, especially with christians as members of it's political body.

Now im even MORE puzzled. If somone blew themselves the fukk up for being a religious nut...understandable.

But their behavior is now deviating from religious fundamentalism to nationalistic fundamentalism.

So how the hell do they get to convince people to blowthemselves up?

Is nationalism really that powerful?

I DO know that female suicide bombers often do what they do because they rape them and tell them they will fix their reputation if they blow themselves up, so it's more reputation for them then love for the nation.

Oh looky, im ranting.
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