Tiger Schulmann Settlement

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Tiger Schulmann Settlement

Postby Scott Danziger » Thu Dec 21, 2000 4:48 am

Interesting tidbit on Tiger Schulmann karate centers.


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Tiger Schulmann Settlement

Postby Allen M. » Thu Dec 21, 2000 9:26 am

$5,000 for 400 classes? That's $12.50 per class or roughly $108 per month for 2 classes per week or $100 per 8 classes.

A little high, but karate instruction is high these days anyway. I wonder what the average cost per month to attend a typical dojo in Yuppieville, New York would be.

I have seen in Chicagoland two Japanese dojo [franchises meybe?] offerred black belts for some predetermined thousands of dollars, when I lived there. They were also taken to court and required to do some sort of restitution.

When I travelled to Pittsburgh about 2 years ago on business, I looked up a large franchise in the area. I seemed to remember certain hooks and promises in their contract.

Now that I am thinking back over the past 20+ years, I seem to remember in a lart of cities I've lived in there existed a number of dojo and dojo franchises with interesting contract verbiage. Makes me think that the Toger Schulmann method is more common than not. Buyer beware!

Best to read the fine print before signing on the dotted line.
Allen M.

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