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Welcome to Arthur Rabesa...

PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 7:57 pm
by gmattson
ImageThey said "hell would freeze over before Arthur posted on the internet!" Well, watch out - hell is about to experience "Global Freezing"! :)

Art and I spoke for over an hour this morning and he felt it was time for him to join all the other old-timers here and in the process become familiar with this new fangled computer invention!

For those who don't know Art, he is probably one of the most gifted martial artist of all times . . . in the Van Canna, Bob Campbell and Jimmy Maloney category. . . Art has authored two of the best, yet largely ignored, books ever written on body mechanics (Explosive Karate) that transform basic movements into explosive techniques and competitive sparring (KUMITE); a book that documents the early history of sparring (and the techniques that were effective) in North America.

Art has been teaching methods back in the early 80s that are now just being discovered by the martial art community. His open-handed strikes and close-in explosive techniques were first demonstrated by Arthur at the 1983 Summer Camp on Thompson's Island and are taught yearly at SummerFest. His two books are available on our store and I highly recommend that you add them to your library. They are old, but the material is as fresh today as they were when he first wrote them.

It is going to take him a few days to learn how to register and post. Bill Bauknecht has promised to help Art learn how to use a computer and how to access the forums. I hope everyone will welcome Art and let him know we are all looking forward to his role as Moderator. I promise that his forum will be 100% Uechi, as that is where his heart and soul lies. He must have said it a dozen times during our phone conversation - - - "George, you know my feelings about training - ITS ALL IN SANCHIN and All you need to develop powerful techniques is in your Uechi training!"

Welcome aboard Art.

Art's "Explosive Karate" Understanding Karate Mech

PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 8:30 pm
by gmattson
This forum will be covering areas that Art has written about in his "Explosive Karate" book. Here is the Introduction to the book:

This karate training guide is for one purpose only. That purpose is to put more striking power in your techniques. Karate training, in itself, is the best unarmed way of defending yourself that I know of. Any karate student that has had good instruction and has devoted a number of years to the art, will be able to strike a pretty good blow.

I had this serious student in mind when I wrote the material in this text. In addition, the power positions and the role of the muscular and skeletal systems, are something that teachers will be able to underĀ­ stand and use in class ..

When a karate student reaches a certain ability and knowledge, he or she can be introduced to the "stopping power" training method. Hopefully, karate instructors have the ability to make that judgment. In today's martial arts world, there are instructors that still need looking after. These are the instructors that will start their students too early with these methods. Everyone must have a willingness to be patient and understanding while practicing the methods I discuss in this book.

Some of the punching movements may appear more as a boxing type of technique. The short hook type of strikes may look like boxing; but, I assure you, they are not. They simply are the tightest, most explosive way to hit from that distance .. The truth of the matter is that the photos cannot show the speed and power that really takes place. This is where your understanding and vision must come into play.

This is not a self defense book. If you want to take a self defense course I'm sure there are those who will be glad to take your money and will show you a few things that will be forgotten at the conclusion of the course. My realistic suggestion to someone looking for a course in self defense is to buy a shotgun and a loud angry dog.

This is a look at several "no nonsense" things that will give you another facet to your martial arts' training. This is simply another level in your look at the already workable art of karate. This is karate, and you've probably seen some of the things in this book before. What I'd like to do is to illustrate many of these techniques in a way that will enhance your knowledge. The training for these moves can come from different segments of your training. Training equipment will help, but some simple bags and punching mitts will do.

Knowledge of the human body is very important when one trains. When I was in free fighlting competition a point was awarded to you if you hit your opponent in certain areas of the body. You could not receive a point if you hit him in other areas because it was not a "Point Area." Sometimes it was because it was a dangerous area and the safety of the players were important. However, most of the awards were given for techniques directed to non realistic sections of the body. After all, it was only a "game" ... the "sport" area of karate. Looking at it any other way would be a mistake!

One practices to deliver the kick or punch in a manner that will hit the opponent and yet be very visual. In this way the referee, the side judges, the guy selling tickets and Ray Charles will be able to detect the "POINT."

Many of the moves that are in this training guide would never be noticed or recognized as sparring or free fighting. They are stopping moves and they work. With the help of your teacher and much practice, this will be a good segment to include in your training.

Safety is always important. In a sparring match you will notice that everything is practiced on training aids and not on another person. When you work with a partner, place your move on the section of the body softly. This is for distance and direction of the particular move. It enables you to feel your position and torque along with body mechanics. I'll be talking about these things as we go from move to move and from one training method to another.

Nothing in this training manual can be started until you have had proper training. Only your teacher can determine if he/she wants to include the material in this manual in their teaching. Only your teacher can determine if you are ready and able to begin work on the material enclosed.

Sensei Rabesa

PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 9:22 pm
by Bill Bauknecht
How surprised and pleased I was when George Mattson called me with the good news that my sensei, Art Rabesa would be heading up a forum on the Uechi Site. It was a bigger surprise, (since he didn't warn me), that the picture used to introduce Art's forum would be one of me once more on the receiving end of a "Rabesa demonstration." :oops: I have had the priviledge of being Art's student and friend for 35 years. I find it hard to believe that he is finally going to get a computer and actually use it. He may as well get two right of way, I have a feeling the first one might get an unexpected flight through the window. Even though I lack much when it comes to operating a computer, hopefully I will be able to help Art get through the basics, that's about all I know. Now that he is taking this step into the unknown, (smile) I can only say that everyone who takes the time to follow Art's teachings, to gain an understanding that so many of us miss, will want more. Art has all this inside him and the best way I can describe him is a mind and body ready to explode. To me he has always been a teacher who takes something good and then works to make it better. Of course all teachers do that, but I have seen few who take it to the outter limits. I have never seen such explosive power. I say, "Snap your fingers." That fast. I'm not bragging for Art, I am proud to be his student. I'll walk in his shadow anytime. I hope you all take the opportunity to study with this man. Have fun,, I know Art will.
Bill Bauknecht

PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2008 12:17 am
by AAAhmed46
So where is this book on sale?

PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 6:15 pm
by Dale Houser

PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 8:20 pm
by Bill Bauknecht
I believe both of Art Rabesa's books, "KUMITE" and "Explosive Karate" are available at the Uechi Store. If not, I suggest you contact George Mattson,

I think he can probably direct you to the books.
Bill B.