Advice needed

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Advice needed

Postby Bruise* Lee » Mon Oct 04, 2004 8:15 pm

Hi....again. I use to post here several years back - maybe 4 or 5. I am not a Uechi stylist, but am familiar with Uechi, Goju and Naha Te in general.

I am writing here as I am having a problem and not sure what to do. I will try to make the story brief.

The neighbor who lives right next door to me has a daughter the age of my daughter (11), and a son older than any of my children (he is 15). My and their daughter are friends. The son is a problem - constantly having police called to school about him for drugs or violence or telling a teacher to ****** his D***. He started high school about a month ago (9th grade) and has already been kicked out permenantly for violence/fighting - and is attending another high school. We will call this boy Mike for the sake of this post and because that is what his name is.

About a year ago he and I had a run in. The parents went out of town, their daughter stayed with us and the boy stayed with friends. They left a key with the daughter, and the boy was not to go in the house unless he came and got a key from the girl. That Sunday we were going to church and the girl was going with us. She went hom, next door to change. She called on the phone crying. Her brother and her friends had snuck into the house, were getting high and had beat her up a bit. My wife and daughter wanted me to go over and check it out. To make a long story short - within minutes of being there, I found him in possession of a marijuana pipe, one of his friends had taken his belt off and had it wrapped around his hand with the belt buckle dangling and the boy attacked me. I took him down and out of reluctance to do him any real harm I choked him out with a sleeper. The parents came home, I told them and they actually thanked me.

But then I became a target of vandalism. One example, I have had my tires slashed repeatedly in the past year. Since having them slashed the third time I cleaned the garage good enough (okay wife cleaned the garage thoroughly enough) that I could park both cars inside and I never leave it out all night anymore. Last week I left it outside for perhaps a couple of hours during the daytime and the tire got slashed.

So yesterday I noticed he and some of the same friends were at his house. I purposely left the car in the driveway and sat next to the house, inside the fence, with a screw driver and a bokken (seriously), waiting for them to slash my tires so I could catch them redhanded. Within about 5 minutes they came out into the garage of their house and started trash talking each other etc. I was sure within a few minutes I would have someone under citizens arrest. But instead I hear one of the boys talk about breaking into neoghborhood homes and robbing them. One of the other boys also discussed the same. Then I heard Mike say "Shhh, I bet he is outside next door". One of the boys ran out of their garage, into our yard, and peeked in through the gate of our fence at me - ran back and I heard "Man, I told you he was outside listening to us". I have no idea how they knew. So they shut the garage door.

I could not believe it. Everyone knows (except his parents who are in denial) he deals drugs, but I had no idea he had the cajones to break into people's homes.

And here is where it gets tough for me. A few months before our physical altercation a year ago, we went on vacation. We left our house key with his parents - who at the time I still considered myself friends with. So they could feed our pets. While we were gone our air conditioning broke and it was like 100 degrees. So she let some AC repair men in to fix the AC.

When we got back I also noticed a very important knife was gone. My dad was a POW in WWII. Near the end of the war the German gaurds were fleeing and disposed of everything that would identify them as soldiers. My dad picked upa bayonet. He later had this evaluated by some expert at the University of Missouri who told him it was a special bayonet given by Adolph Hitler to the soldiers who supported him during the "bear hall putsch (sp?)" in Munich which allowed him to come into power. Apparently there were only like 15 of these made. It had a special handle with red felt on it, and an inscription that said "In memory of my time in service". The University curator offered my dad $25,000 - and this was back in the 1950's. I h ad always accused the AC people of doing it as there were no signs of forceful entry into our house - I knew the thief must have been let in.

Now I am thinking it is this punk kid. I knew he was a thug, I knew he sold drugs - in fact my son, wife and I overheard him making a small drug deal on the phone yesterday as well "How much do you need? I only have a dime. About enough for 3 bowls. When do you want to meet?". But hearing he and his friends brag about breaking in to rob houses I am thinking this little son of a b*** used our key and took the knife.

This knife is priceless. My dad had given it to me to give to my son. It is not something i could price, is a physical memory of his being a POW and his service.

I went and made another police report - I have thought all along that this little sh*twad is slashing my tires. As well two other times in the past year his friends have tried to start fights with me - once I was coming back from the mail box and 4 of them tried to start a fight, and once I was in my drive way about to leave for work , eating peanut butter off of a spoon and one of them came over growling and slamming the hood of my car. I am bigger than most of them - I am 6'1", 210, bench 365 and squat 335 for 15 reps to parallel - and am a black belt in jujutsu - so I am not that scared.

When I made the police report yesterday about the tires (again) I also told the detective who was on the old case about my dads bayonet about what I had heard. My wife and kids all told me they were scared that if Mike gets in trouble they will retaliate on the family. I had not felt scared about that before.

Now I am considering either getting a 357 with prefrags, or a 12 gauge with 00. We do not own guns at this time. He and his friends have tried tos tart fights twice before, I do not think they are stupid enough to actually get physical in a confrontation - but then again if you had asked me a week ago I would have bet they were not breaking into homes either.

One of my worries is that if the police are not able to do anything I might try to make sure he gets punished - I have to suppress the anger I feel at the idea he might be the one who stole that bayonet.

I have not yet gone and talked to his parents because his parents always are in denial - when they go to school because of the police or the principal they feel Mike is being unfairly singled out - I am sure they will not believe he is robbing houses. And secondly, if Mike knows I overheard him in the garage - which he frequents-he will stop going there and perhaps I can tape record him talking about his crimes if I hide better next time. However I am a bit worried I will get frustrated with lack of progress in punishing this kid.

Any suggestions?
Bruise* Lee
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Postby jason1977 » Tue Nov 16, 2004 6:09 pm

I would get a Glock 23, learn how to use it. get shotgun teach yoru wife how to use it. go to the range practice. get a permit to carry. Call the cops EVERYtime something happens. I would consider having a conversation with him if you violence just a level with him type deal...? you want no harm and you don't want to hurt him.
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Neighbor Harrasment

Postby Alan K » Wed Nov 17, 2004 7:18 pm


I have seen your post on another forum. The problem appears to be that this moron kid acts like trash and he seems to have permissive parents who do not do anything but give worthless lip service.

You have a right to be angry but the use of weapons can escalate and put you in the slam.

Your facts as you know them may not survive the action of a jury.

You had best seek help from these detectives and forget even carrying a weapon outside. At home, your house is your castle and even then, you need to use minimal force
unless you have a golden set of facts to warrant use of deadly force.

State laws differ when it comes to self defense action although they are all basically similar.

I would also go to your local district court or juvenile court to file a complaint. If this dude is a minor, there may be civil relief by suing the parents in a civil action for damages.

There was a murder case recently tried in Massachusetts,
where a Harvard graduate student was charged in the knife stabbing of an 18 year old male. The defendant was a class act having a well to do heritage of old money class. He had the demeanor of a gentleman, and spoke four languages.

Yet his actions that evening dissolved in a bloody battle.

Testimony of the relatives of the decedent stated that the defendant was the aggressor and started the fight and the defendant claims he was jumped by the decedent and his relatives. He used a large pocket folding knife and stabbed the decedent five times and the decendent bled to death as a result.

I am waiting to get the reported case and will report on it .

The charges were murder 1 with the lesser included offense of Homacide 2.

Jury nullfication reduced the sentence to 6 to 8 in the big house.

It appears that the defendant was walking down the street and as he approached a car with occupants awaiting for pizza to be made. The decedant started to laugh and call names to the defendant to mock his sobriety, words were exchanged and the defendant left, only to come back and again they had words followed by the fight.

It was over in a few minutes with one dead and the other with a wonderful life and future ending with a jail sentence.

The case was Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Alex Pring-Wilson, tried in Middlesex Superior Court.

I think that it is nice to speculate what you would like to do, (we all do this) but you must protect your future and release the rage and revenge from your mind.

Alan K
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Alan K
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Postby Bruise* Lee » Fri Dec 31, 2004 6:46 pm

A couple of questions
The kids on probation and he is trying to avoid troubles I can tell. Enters his parents property by coming down the far side of the street - never comes close to my yard. However I am sure his angelic behavior will be short lived - okay I am no optimist here.

His family went out of town quickly this week. As luck has it, his parents asked my wife to watch their house, feed their dog, and gave us keys.

Lets say hypothetically I did search his room pretty well - and did not find the bayonet. But lets say hypothetically one found some letters from him to his girlfriend written within the last few days describing taking hallucinogens at school (he is on probation), and letters from his girlfriend about getting high together etc. Lets say hypothetically one could search his computer ...

1) My wife was asked to take care of the house - would I be tresspassing if I went in?
2) If I found hypothetical letters or other evidence on his computer would it be admissable, would I have gained it illegally?
Bruise* Lee
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Home entry and evidence

Postby Alan K » Tue Jan 04, 2005 6:40 pm

To: Bruise* Lee

If you have no direct invite to enter the premises you could risk a charge of criminal trespass.

Any prying into the records or equipment could be grounds of a Federal invasion of privacy as well as civil.

In some cases it could be the grounds for a breaking and entry charge which is a felony in many jurisdictions.

I had a client last month who has tamed a neighbor who slashed tires in the middle of the night and who filed false reports with police.

The client installed on her own property a good wide angle security camera (the type used in industry).

Word of it quickly went through the neighborhood and all criminal activity ceased.

My advice is to keep away from these people, even though your wife accepted an invite to watch the premises and feed the dog.

Alan K
"The Goddess of Justice is Blind"
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