Reasonable injury risk

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Reasonable injury risk

Postby Cecil » Tue Mar 16, 1999 2:37 pm

I know and accept that there is a risk of injury. But how much injury is reasonable? What constitutes a reasonable risk of injury from a legal standpoint also?

I've seen schools where there is hardly any contact to where every time there is a test (and I do mean EVERY time) somebody gets a bloody nose and somebody else gets TKO'ed.

Should people going for their 4th gup ranking be doing full contact fighting? I've seen this, done this, and on the one hand, while I was okay, I did feel that the other guppy, who didn't have any prior training, was at a disadvantage even though he had the height/reach advantage and was in better shape (it's taken me to get up to 2nd gup before I got to a point where I feel that the rank and the sparring skills match--I've been one of those who's trained inconsistently. Had I stayed with it and practiced the whole time I'd be a black belt for sure. You know the use/lose principle. Now, let me stop rambling and get back to my questions.)

I know I've had times where I've either been popped really good or walked into something and while I don't think it's a big deal, the non-martial artists I know are looking at me like I'm an idiot!

What's reasonable?

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