use of feet (kicks) in self defense

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use of feet (kicks) in self defense

Postby mike arnost » Fri Jul 16, 1999 7:39 pm

You've probably covered this already, but what are the legal liabilites of using kicks in self defense? My understanding is that kicking someone with a "shod" foot is considered assault with a dangerous weapon and a felony. Is it better from a legal standpoint to only use hand techniques in self defense? How do the courts and the law view the use of kicks by someone with martial arts training in self defense?

mike arnost
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use of feet (kicks) in self defense

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Fri Jul 16, 1999 9:06 pm

My apologies again.

I have promised several times to research the "shod foot" issue, which is real in the Commonwealth.

I suppose the only advice I can give at the moment is to keep the level of escalation concomitant with the nature of the assualt.

IE: if the person attacks with his hands only, be a bit circumspect about replying with the feet/shod.

The burden on the attackee is ridiculous here, but I don't make the cases or laws, I just read them.

More later.


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