No Place to Hide-will high tech be tracking you.

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No Place to Hide-will high tech be tracking you.

Postby Alan K » Tue May 08, 2001 2:16 pm

The theme of a Boston Channel 7 broadcast to be aired this evening.

You may recall Orwell's 1984, based on a novel where Big Brother is a tyrant and ruling the US in Stalin's pre-world war one, fashion with people being monitored in the streets and all buildings. Orwell could not comprehend the technology that we have today.

I have been following the news about the theme of the above broadcaset and it goes like this:

That it is in the interest and safety of the public to install in the 911 Police technology, the ability to locate a motorist or vehicle via the cell phone, and pin point the location even if the motorist is unable to talk.

This sounds like a wonderful thing, and indeed it could be if an accident happened rendering someone unable to do anything but activate the cell phone.

The ability to track can be quite sophisticated in that it already exists and is regularly employed in aviation, and in the business sector in the tracking of motor vehicles, especially trucks, & FEDEX, UPS.

It can be a system based strictly on radio and computer linking equipment, refined by the use of GPS satelite locator and many linking systems the result of which enable the searching authority to quickly and accurately locate the transmitting source.

We can all buy GPS equipment with hand held equipment no larger than some cell phones, which give you your location and in a more sophisticated form, provide maps showing your location.

Let us consider the 911 situation. Once the LEO's have this system, it can interface with other systems already out there, and be shared by all government agencies.

That little transponder in your cell phone will enable Big Brother to follow you into your bedroom (as an extreme example).

Once we have compromised a freedom by allowing governmental inquiry, can we ever bargain it back when the inevitable abuses occur?

Does the good that could result exceed our individual or collective right of privacy.

Will the end result be implants of chips in new born infants for the "protection" it can afford?

Will the future be that we are monitored from cradle to grave, to the same extent that our wise legislators do right now for our common good?

I invite your comments.

Remember to buckle up, keep one hand on the wheel when using your cell phone especially when all your activies in the vehicle are being monitored.

If you doubt this, remember that your cable company has had, and now has even more power to monitor you in a fashion that would make Orwell turn over in his grave!

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No Place to Hide-will high tech be tracking you.

Postby Guest » Wed May 09, 2001 5:21 am

What Big Brother really needs to do is insert a neck implant in all of us. Every time we are bad they can press a button and we'll do the chicken.


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