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Postby Van Canna » Fri Mar 22, 2002 9:32 pm

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Van, sensei: The umbrella converage is quite inexpensive, and in my experience, the coverage does begin at one million.


What is the name of your umbrella policy's carrier, and could you post the insuring agreement providing coverage for assault and battery if committed in defense of person and property?

Are you sure your policy does not exclude intentional acts as regards the above?

Does your policy define Assault and battery?

Van Canna
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Van Canna
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Postby Alan K » Mon Mar 25, 2002 8:11 pm

Van, sensei

My post on umbrella policies was prompted by my call to my insurance agent.

I was told that I could not get one at this time since my cars were owned by me, and my house was owned by a trust (my trust). I am up for renewal in April, and was advised that the carrier will issue a policy.

I will get more particulars on coverage and exclusions when I speak to the account undrwriter.

Alan K
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