Legal Self Defense

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Can you really bridge the gap between reality and training? Between traditional karate and real world encounters? Absolutely, we will address in this forum why this transition is necessary and critical for survival, and provide suggestions on how to do this correctly. So come in and feel welcomed, but leave your egos at the door!

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Legal Self Defense

Postby BRAM » Wed May 01, 2002 4:27 am

You guys make great points! Thanks..
There ought to be a set basic legal program to teach @ all martial arts schools..

thanks for taking the time to point out the way!
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Legal Self Defense

Postby Gene DeMambro » Sun Aug 25, 2002 5:28 am

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote
Also, have the cops call someone for you - family, friend, business associate and have THEM get your lawyer - RIGHT AWAY!

But don't say anything to these people!

They themselves may be questioned by the police, as to wqhat you said to them. Their conversations are also not priviledged or confidential.

Regarding confidentiality/priviledge:

In certain jurisdictions, it is YOUR SPOUSE who has the option of NOT testifying against you, not you. He/she may testify against you, even if you don't wish him/her to.

Keep your mouth closed, and only talk to your lawyer.

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Legal Self Defense

Postby Crecy » Wed Aug 28, 2002 2:27 am

The idea of insisting to go to the hospital is a good one for all the reasons listed and because it will put you on neutral ground. Police are also very reluctant to take someone to the station or to jail if there is any question of their physical well being. Leaving the scene as stated would be a good idea in most cases. Going to the hospital would be a good option.

As a retired LEO I reiterate what SKS (LEO too) Image said, "say nothing". Be cautious of using any type of ruse, cops smell lies like sharks smell blood. If they read you your Miranda warnings state "I want to speak with my attorney" this PRECLUDES them from asking any more questions, if they do they are in violation, keep responding "I want to speak to my attorney". If they do not read you our Mirandas and ask you quetions ask them to read them to you and say "I want to speak to my attorney". Remember ANYTHING you say CAN & WILL be used against you. However helpful, innocuous or pre-emptive it seems, it WILL be used against you. Kind of like how any body part you give Bram will be used to put you in some type of lock Image The cops will use whatever they have to work with, give them nothing!

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