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Can you really bridge the gap between reality and training? Between traditional karate and real world encounters? Absolutely, we will address in this forum why this transition is necessary and critical for survival, and provide suggestions on how to do this correctly. So come in and feel welcomed, but leave your egos at the door!

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One of our own...

Postby Panther » Sun Mar 23, 2003 3:27 am

:x :cry:

Tonight, it is reported that the hand grenade attacks at Camp Pennsylvania (in Kuwait) which injured 13 (6 very seriously) was commited not by a terrorist from another country, but by a U.S. soldier who is a Muslim-American! :evil: He should be brought back and publicly executed for treason.

I also noticed on the news how some (most notably an older woman in Cambridge) used their signs advocating peace as weapons against those disagreeing with them! I don't know why the news reporters don't do a little research since I've heard from a friend (reliable source) that one of the women organizers (from Harvard or MIT... I don't recall) is known to be very active on campus with the Democratic Socialist Party! Hmmmmm... 8O
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