GLB issues in marriage

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Postby IJ » Tue May 31, 2005 4:58 am

Edjumacate me here, because I have never heard of a Christian who actually followed all of the levitican rules (no cheeseburgers, no bacon cheeseburgers especially, and so on; lots of severe penalties for stuff we'd never consider too serious today, etc) but....

Wasn't one of the new testament books at least in part a record of the explanation to the Jews and others that Jesus and his sacrifice had superseded the old rules and made them unnecessary?

I see your distinction about word of God given to man vs stuff written down by man.... but don't you have to believe that the word, in either case, got a little help in getting to your ear or eye? I mean there has to be faith the right stuff got written, and I don't see a big difference.
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Postby jorvik » Tue May 31, 2005 7:54 pm

I'm probably the wrong one to answer this, as I say I'm not a practising anything....Jesus also said that you didn't have to go to church by the way :D ..there are lots of contradictions in christianity it is wonderfully vague, and there are historical errors as well. I don't really support the arguments so it's hard for me to make them :roll: but as I said Jesus made referance to the "law" meaning the first 5 books to a Jew and "Render unto Caesar" is also a referance to those first 5, however.christianity split fairly early on from "Gnostic" thoughts and these "Apocryphal Gospels" were edited out of what the church thought and you are left with what you have now..........I do agree the old testament and the new in many ways contradict each other, this has been widely spoken of over the years, it's really how folks choose to interpret it, and that is why you have different sects within Christianity. Protestant,Catholic....whatever.
I don't know what form of Christianity Redbeard followed.he seemed to have the idea of a vengefull God which is pretty "old Testament" to me anyway......but as I say I follow no particular religion, maybe Redbeard will offer some thoughts :D


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