Parkade Self Defence (repost)

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Parkade Self Defence (repost)

Postby gmattson » Thu Sep 17, 1998 6:30 pm

From: Rick Wilson
Date: 17 Sep 1998
Time: 06:41:29
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Had a really fun class last week. Tuesday and Thursday lunch time I teach classes at a fitness centre in the building I work at. The entrance to the centre is down in a parkade. They had closed the centre for a week to do
a make over. We showed up on Tuesday only to find that "closed until Tuesday" also meant Tuesday.

I had the guys throw their bags to the side and we did Parkade Self Defence -- setting up scenarios, often involving multiple attackers. The emphasis was on breaking out and escaping. If no avenue of escape
existed, we talked about getting in-between cars to limit how many could come at you at one time. (Years ago I saw the chief of the Hong Kong police interviewed about surviving a gang attack of over fifteen attackers. He ran until he came to a narrow alley where only two at a time could fit. After the first 6 - 9 went down the others ran.)

We talked about many things, like the worst thing to do is run to your car. Unlocking a car door is a fine motor skill and you are often caught right at the "door to safety" while you fumble about. Better to head for where people might be or an exit that might get you out and away.

We upped the anti by adding in some aggression showing the students how easily this throws off their "plans". (Could have really used one of Mr. Quinn's suits to really do it right.)

In all it was a great time and a lot of fun. It was very educational for all of us and turned the day around.

This seems like a very worth while type of thing to do. Has anyone made it part of their curriculum and if so what kind of things do you do?

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Parkade Self Defence (repost)

Postby Phils » Sat Sep 19, 1998 12:14 am

Rick: I heard a similar, possibly the same, story about such and attack in Hong Kong.

I heard the strategy differently or perhaps incorrectly but would like to share it as I believe it might serve to test the idea with others out there.

It goes like this... when faced with multiple attackers and limited options for mobility, rather than being exposed out in the open, find a wall to put your back against, even better a corner. This covers your flank, reduces the field of attack, and increases your chances by allowing you to take them on one at a time.

Best regards...phils
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