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A Stat

Postby RACastanet » Mon Jul 19, 1999 2:28 am

JT: Is the statement '200 million weapons on the street' number a lie? Absolutely.

That is indeed a fair approximation of the number of guns in this country. Are they all onthe street ? Hell no! That number includes hunting and sport long guns, such as shotguns for trap and skeet. It also includes all presumed guns out there, and all collections. In addition, does every person who owns a gun or guns (about 80 million persons) carry all of them at the same time (the typical owner has several)?

I have seen the breakdown somewhere but I am certain that the number of long guns owned exceeds the number of handguns out there. Without divulging the number of guns I own, the ratio is 2 to 1 long guns to hand guns. That is probably fairly typical. Note to JT: In the assualt rifle catagory, the M1/M1a/M14 must not be very popular amongst the bad guys as they do not show up at all in crime stats. It would be pretty hard to conceal one of
those I suppose.

And now a stat that I found today (remember, this is official FBI crime data) to address both Gary K. and Gary S. :
"in the entire US during a year, only about 30 people are accidentally killed by private
citizens who mistakenly believe the victim to be an intruder. By comparison, police
accidentally kill as many as 330 innocent individuals annually." Hmm.... that is more than a ten to one ratio. (BTW, I am in favor of our police forces. They have terrible jobs and do not get the support they need or the credit they deserve.) If anyone wants the actual reference works please post.

Regards, Rich
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A Stat

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Mon Jul 19, 1999 3:05 am

Rich San;

I am certinly not against the Police either.
I wouldn't like that job, and I admire those who can hack it.

I am not in favor of "policies" that remove options from the people regarding self defense, or distortions of statistics, or the (mis)direction of collective guilt.

I understand that you are not either, but you have a better handle on the true stats than I.

So, I asked, and thanks.


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A Stat

Postby RACastanet » Mon Jul 19, 1999 5:16 am

Good morning. Talk about apropo, in this morning's Richmond Time Dispatch Op/Ed section there is an article by syndicated columnist Thomas Sowell entitled 'Media Don't Report Guns Saving Lives'.

Mr. Sowell echoed some of our comments from above, that the politically correct news media ignores or hides such news (this article was indeed on the bottom of the inside of the last page of the editorial section, and this paper is generally right leaning!) He went on to mention that (paraphrase) 'a couple of Columbine type incidents in the making were stopped by an armed adult' but that will not make the news. Another stat (no reference) he mentioned was that in one year more criminals were reported killed by private citizens than by the police.

Sowell made reference to Lott's study, and how anti-gun zeolots and the media pretend that it does not exist. (Actually, I did see Lott in a network TV interview not too long ago.) He also referred to a schoolboard decision in San Francisco (reversed due to the public response) that forbade even policemen from bringing a gun onto school grounds!

His ending: Report both sides of the story fairly and let the citizens and voters make their own decisions about gun control. I agree with that completely.

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