TC IV -- Patty Cakes

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TC IV -- Patty Cakes

Postby Allen M. » Thu Jul 22, 1999 4:44 am

A Uechi kata poem blossomed as Peter Blackman was performing Sanserui

Van: "Put violence in your kata."
Bethoney: "What about ‘Peace and Harmony.‘ Where’s that?"
Moulton: "In Tai-chi, I think."
Bethoney: "F’ that!"

A beautiful poem. The words don’t need to rhyme as long as the feelings of the words do. And so went the theme for the rest of the evening: "Put violence in your kata!" And for sensei Bethoney, this was his symphony as he held his first Seisan shoken for a full beat then the other two for a half-beat each.

And so another sweatful evening draws to a close as Van reminded me to be careful about how I describe Sanchin’s tight buns evening lesson. Had something to do with Van’s continuing seminar on dynamic body compression and a Sanchin of flexible steel.

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