World War Three

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World War Three

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Thu Oct 16, 2014 6:36 am

When I read babara Tuchman's "A Distant Mirror-The 14th Century " it was just a good read. the same can be siad of Solzenhestin's "August 1914". However, and here it comes: the "hate you forever john" .

Nobody like to think of out advanced civilization as vulnerable, but it is. the Bible points to the year (thru some non comprehasible to me cabalistic computation) 1914. I have been studying with the Jehovah's Witneess' for some time.

In 1914, A war broke out in heaven. Lucifer was allowed to flee the environs of heaven (or he was forced out by means we cannot begin to understand. Tolkien began his thinly veiled apocalyptic series while serving in the Trenches. As un palatable as in may sound, the spiritual war still raigages. Jehovah created the universe, it seems, subject to "A Prime Directive" of his own; He cannot create sentient being who does not have it's own free will. Jehovan, being all powerful, could destroy the one who have used free will as a gimmick to bring like thinking spritual and non spiritual beings to positions of Power.

winston churchill had to think hard when he ordered the "Vichy portion" of the French Fleet in North Africa and France. the largest Submarine in the World , the Surcouf, which was armed with two float planes. and 4 12" guns. at roughly the Japanese had begun building submarines for a seaplane attack on the Panama Canal. when these japanese subs were asked to be borrowed by the USSR, Roosevelt had them sunk. ah--says he-no seaplave could close the 'canal, not so, these planes could carrry large warloads.
the surcouf could carry one Seplane for scouting, the japanese submarine could carry three, of a much larger size.

A breakdown in the Systems of assistance of the West, could cause the spread a war of violence in a somewhat crowded world. Depsite it's Iman's protestations that they are a reiligion of peace, it does not seem to export "pacifists" to the world. (of course they do, but the actions of the peace loving are often ignored, and sometimes it seems neccessary to do so.. It's 3:00 in the morning, ad I will have to fishish this after i wake up in the morning. Assuming that I do wake up. peace for now-John
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