{o.t.} Help those critters/ adopt a pet

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{o.t.} Help those critters/ adopt a pet

Postby Dakkon » Wed Aug 25, 1999 8:45 am

Hello every one.
Tonight I was going throught some of the mail I receive from one of the mailing lists I'm on. It's a siberian husky list.
There has been some heroic effects by a few people to save 6 huskies in Michigan. Very sad story, makes one want to _____ (fill in the blank)a person ____ (again fill it in).
Then there is a sad story of 5 huskies in Oklahoma needing rescue \ fostering. Their owner was a victim of a hit run accident. There are others like this in most areas we just are not aware of them.
I won't go into the stories as they are not needed here. What I'm asking is a small favor to canine/amimal kind. Even if you have a pet think of all the needy ones out there. PLEASE DON'T BUY A PUPPY FROM A DOG STORE OR LIKE OPERATION they support puppymills and thats wrong!! I can forward you in private a current nightmare of a puppy mill operation in Lyles TN. Instead go to the local shelter or breed rescue of your choice and talk to them. or go to PetSmart and adopt one there. Key word is ADOPT ONE or more! There is a saying "Second hand dogs give first class love" Plus most are house broken and current on shots a big plus !! now a days. Research your breed you want talk to others who own one and see what the pros and cons are. Above all else spay or neuter those pets. If you can't do this try the following.
The simple act of giving a few cans of dog food a week to local rescue orginazation can mean the difference between them helpping another dog in need or having to turn it away. Donating your old blankets to a animal shelter. Volunteering a day a week/month to the local shelter. Any thing at all to help these people help other animals. I know it's hard with the schedules we all keep, but I think you will find the time/money comes easy and the rewards are beyound anything money can buy. Sidenote to the tax savy most rescue org's and some shelters are taxdeductable as long as they are 501.3(c) or what something like that.
I didn't know where to post this in the forums but figured since I lurk here why not start here.
a.k.a. Chuck
This Public Service Ad was brought on by a very sad tearjerker of a letter.
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{o.t.} Help those critters/ adopt a pet

Postby Steve » Wed Aug 25, 1999 7:26 pm

Dakkon - please e-mail me the contact information for the huskies. Our house is almost 6,000 sq. ft. on 1 1/4 acres - four kids, one dog (male - neutered) and two cats. We always have room for more. Thanks, Steve

D. Steven White
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{o.t.} Help those critters/ adopt a pet

Postby Dakkon » Thu Aug 26, 1999 7:07 am

Thank You D. Steve White !
I hope you are able to help some of them.
I sent you a mail and some contact information.
Again Thank You!
Chuck M.
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