pretty Park?????

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pretty Park?????

Postby gmattson » Fri Nov 19, 1999 6:04 pm

I received about 15 returned e-mail, supposedly sent by me, to addresses that were no longer working.
from: "George E. Mattson" <> To: <mailbox>

Test: Pretty Park.exe Image

George E. Mattson


I'm afraid that someone has gotten into my email address book and was able to send a virus using my email username. Does anyone have any info on this? And please, if you receive an email from me with the above "Pretty Park" attachment, don't open it. Note: I didn't receive any such email and didn't open any attachment, so not sure how it got started.

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pretty Park?????

Postby harry » Wed Nov 24, 1999 5:34 am

I scanned the file but found no virus. I also searched for the virus online but came up with nothing for pretty park.

I'll try some more diggnig later and see if I can't find anything else. If anyone finds more info please forward it to me.


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pretty Park?????

Postby Allen M. » Wed Nov 24, 1999 1:06 pm

You like NAV V5 best, Anthony?

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