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Postby moulton » Fri Dec 18, 1998 1:06 pm

Hello Lori (Or anyone else wishing to pick this up)

I often wonder why women warriors are allowed to keep their hair long. It seems to me to be a double standard. There is a picture of a woman pilot in <A HREF="">USA Today</A> with long hair. I once though short hair was for hygene reasons. Just an idle curious question.


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Hairy Warrior

Postby moulton » Fri Dec 18, 1998 8:21 pm

I thought a short crop was all about eliminating/reducing/preventing lice and other unsavory collections. If this is so then do women have an immunity against such ravages?

Hairy Warrior

Postby Lori » Mon Dec 21, 1998 11:05 pm

Hi Allen and Anthony,

Actually, I think there are varying standards according to branch and section of the service entered into - I had a friend who entered the paratroopers and could keep her long curly locks; as long as it was french braided or otherwise secured close to her head... another friend had to have her hair above the collar at all times and neat and off the face or she would end up getting it chopped even shorter - maybe it depends on who's in charge at the time! From what I understand short hair requirements result from the need for quick care and cleanliness in less than sanitary conditions under battle situations, and, given that women are not currently very active in combat (groundfighting anyway) in the U.S. military this is not a drastic need - the requirement being primarily that of uniformity and neatness. Other than that - I believe that Tony-san has a valid point! It being my experience that the men with the power and the influence (if only over a woman's heart!) prefer long hair - and thus wishing to please her man...

Of course this shouldn't stop a woman who strongly prefers short hair! Above all be true to yourself and your warrior-womanhood! Like it long? Great! Short? Go for it - but long or short - be true to yourself and your sense of personal expression... ok ok I'm waxing poetic... blame the winter solstice for my melancholy soul if you will...


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Hairy Warrior

Postby RACastanet » Tue Dec 22, 1998 12:54 am

Long hair, either on the head or face, makes a great grabbing point. Somewhere I read that the mongols or some other group of fierce warriors shaved their heads and faces to eliminate such handholds.
Another point - long hair can get tangled in machinery, be it military, industrial or civilian. Some factories with rotating machines have hair length restrictions. One facility I occasionally work at has such hazardous vapors that gas masks are a requirement and long hair prevents a good fit. Too much hair, no entry.

But yes, long hair is great on women be it blonde, brunet or redhead. My current favorite is 'Nell' on Ally McBeal. Hair braided and up-tight at work, long and flowing after work. Hmmmm.............

OOPS! Sorry about that.

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Hairy Warrior

Postby JohnC » Tue Dec 22, 1998 4:44 am

Rich, Lori, Anthony:

I sport a beard which has never been a problem in most of my professional work.

However, I do consulting for major corporations(when I can get it!) that involves touring the entire plant to observe the ergonomics of each job being performed.

At 1 such plant, a biproduct of their jet fuel production was a deadly gas that was contained in major ways of course.

The gas was so deadly that it requires all who tour the plant to carry a full respirator who visit a certain part of the plant. This stuff was wicked! The main operator upon leak would go into a lockdown, stay in the control room with his own air supply. He went down with the ship!

Because a beard might breach the seal of the mask, they entertained asking me to shave!
Fortunately, we overcame this little matter by other means, but there is a valid point here begun by Rich about military personnel who might be exposed to chemical or biological releases needing their hair trimmed to meet this contingency.

So, my guess would be that all personnel in a certain radius regardless of duty must have trimmed hair and beards that would not breach the seal of their masks.

Rich's points about machinery and combat are pertinent too.

On a lighter note, Demi Moore didn't look too shabby(or shaggy) with her shaved head in GI Jane!

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Hairy Warrior

Postby moulton » Tue Dec 22, 1998 10:32 am

Ok, then.

Either long hair is hazardous in the military or it isn't. And if it is hazardous and that is why some are required to keep a short crop, why aren't others?

This is my opening question on this forum because an apparent double-standard in the military along these lines confuses me to no end.


Hairy Warrior

Postby maurice richard libby » Wed Dec 23, 1998 5:46 am

Just an historical note.

Long hair was pretty much the norm, or at least acceptable until WWI. Most men went into the trenches in the early days of the War with fairly long hair (this would be before the Americans got into it, latecomers that they were Image Conditions were so bad that the fighting men were decimated by vermin and disease, to the extent that casualties from disease far outweighed casualties from enemy action. One of the first things that happened in the trenches was the severe and radical cutting of hair. Shaved heads make less attractive targets for lice and their various cousins.

After the war it became the norm for men to have short hair. The only men who kept their hair long were old men and non-combatants, which is how long hair came to be associated with artsy types and men of suspect masculinity, and short hair became a symbol of manliness.

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