Gift of Fear

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Gift of Fear

Postby Jason Bernard » Tue Oct 27, 1998 7:11 pm

Sensei Van Canna,

I thought I would mention that thanks to you
pointing out the book to me (and others) in
the first place, it is now required reading
and understanding for shodan here. This is a
great book and I have read it. My
thanks for mentioning it and continuing to
push it. I know some (perhaps many) will get
nothing out of it other than to say "Hey, I read it. Yeah, yeah, intuition, blah blah blah", but hopefully some will get the
message and that is perhaps all we can hope
for. I write this in hopes that you will
feel good in knowing that you are making
a difference in some people's lives even from

Jason Bernard
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Gift of Fear

Postby natalie lane » Tue Oct 27, 1998 7:17 pm

I second the thanks. Picked it up today, and will dig in tonight.

Best Regards,
natalie lane
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