Joe Bass Dies afte long battle with Cancer

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Joe Bass Dies afte long battle with Cancer

Postby gmattson » Tue Mar 05, 2002 1:07 pm

I received this email this morning.

. . .
Just so that you will recall who I am, please let me reintroduce myself.

I am Sensei Peter Urbans rep. here in Fla. I had contacted you in the past, speaking of having been in Okinawa to witness your RokuDan promotion at the Ueichi TaiKai.

I wish that I could be contacting you under better surcumstances, but unfortunately the news is grim.

I realize that you and he, where not the best of friends, but I know that you would want to know, that Joe Bass died a couple of days ago. After a long fight with cancer, he expired in his sleep. He and I shared a dojo, for a few years, he teaching Ueichi and Kendo / Iaido, and I teaching Karate and Jujitsu. We went our seperate ways, but what I know about the sword, I mostly got from him.

I hope all is well with you and yours,

Steven L. Malanoski, Kyoshi 8th Dan, USAGA
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Joe Bass Dies afte long battle with Cancer

Postby Van Canna » Tue Mar 05, 2002 3:46 pm

My deepest sympathy to the Bass family.

Van Canna

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Joe Bass Dies afte long battle with Cancer

Postby Tony-San » Wed Mar 06, 2002 6:31 pm

God Bless Joe. He was a good man. I always liked to train with him and enjoyed his warm smile.

My condolences to Jan and Family and all of Joes students.


Joe Bass Dies afte long battle with Cancer

Postby Allen M. » Sun Mar 10, 2002 7:33 pm

My sincere condolences to Janice Bass.

My heart is saddened. Both Joe and his wife Janice became good friends with my wife and myself through Uechi-ryu over the past six or so years although we have not met with them in person.
Allen M.

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