School yard scuffles

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School yard scuffles

Postby razcow54 » Sat Aug 31, 2002 5:21 am

I just wanted to hear some opinions on a matter that has been plaguing me for some time.

I think there has been a time throughout school where all of us have seen a school yard fight of some kind. A lot of them are avoidable, some of are hard to get away from. As I'm sure most of us would do, running would be a good option since it's self-defense obviously, and hurting someone is something we could all do without. Additionally, we all know how these go: Some swearing and derogatory language is used, tempers flare, and a fight ensues. People get hurt, when 15 minutes to cool down could have avoided the whole thing.

However, let's say you are put in such a situation by one or more assailants and there's no where to go, or you're surrounded. Granted, if people just cooled down, things would be solved in 15 minutes...or in that time your face will end up looking like an omelet.

What would one to do? I mean being a teenager, if I fought someone using karate (I'm a practitioner of Goju-ryu) and hit hard, with intent in a vulnerable area (i.e strike someone in the face, ribs, throat, knee, collar bone, etc) I'd be in a world of s***. As I said this would be a relatively minor fight as it wouldn't be for my life, and I wouldn't want be a) suspended b) sued c) arrested (very extreme, but still possible), and I certainly wouldn't want to hurt anyone, but I'd be afraid that I'd end up seriously hurt, and would fight with intent.

We just practice. I mean we can differentiate between a "DEADLY" tecnique (i.e a hiraken-esque strike to the throat) from just a punch, but I've heard of people punching someone in the jaw not knowing the repercussions and the unfortunate individual with the fist in their face had a broken jaw, cheek bone, and some teeth knocked out.

How does one stop their opponent when flight is not an option and the bully is there to take your head off?

Sorry that that was so long, I just had a lot to ask. Thanks!
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School yard scuffles

Postby dominiuno » Sat Aug 31, 2002 10:45 pm

Well, there is the option of running, but that definitely won't always work and will probably just delay the scuffle. And in your hypothetical situation where flight is impossible its not an option, however a nice and simple technique to stop a fight would be a punch to the gut knocking the wind out of the "opponent", that will probably stop it, especially in school, and not too much real damage from that. In a school fight, if it wasn't for my life I wouldn't even consider hitting anywhere even considered slightly lethal, I'd say just punch to the gut, and in the dire situations a technique that is very effective (if male) would be a light shot to "the family jewels". Try fighting after that!

Good post

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School yard scuffles

Postby Tom Faigle » Tue Sep 03, 2002 2:47 am


I don't envy you. I wouldn't want to be your age now. When I was in High School, it wasn't so bad, society wasn't so hung up with sueing everyone for everything, and you could get away with defending yourself if you had to.

Two thoughts come to mind. First, running isn't always the best option. If you run, you might just get a reputation as being someone who can be easily picked on. Which could lead to more incidents. BUT, and a HUGE but, there is a majore difference between avoiding a fight and running. WHENEVER possible it's best to use your wits and get out of a fight. If you can figure out why the other person wants to fight you then you can probably talk your way out of it most of the time, unless the person just wants to fight. In that case, you can run, or fight. Again, each sitatuion will play out, and you have to make the call.

As David said, and I'd agree, if you MUST fight, then use what you skills you have to defend yourself. Don't use any lethal strikes unless your life depends on it. Worry about protecting yourself and not getting hurt, first. If someone is going to try and hurt you, the legal stuff shouldn't be your first concern.

One final thought, if you don't read the verbal self defense forum you might want to. There is a lot of good stuff there that goes really well.

Tom Faigle
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School yard scuffles

Postby krymrgn » Thu Sep 05, 2002 1:00 am


School yard scuffles..... Maybe you could check out my book... The Spirit Dragon. It is written for children younger than yourself- (not to intend offense by "children") but the story is very powerful and may be useful in situations as you find yourself to be in... I've posted the begining of the story in the topic- a Uechi-Ryu children's story. It's worth looking at.
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Reply To School Yard Scuffles

Postby janders » Fri Jun 13, 2003 5:35 pm

My advice is try to talk your way out of it first. But after that if the situation gets worse and your in danger of being hurt then defend your self. Remember talk your way out of it then defend if nessesary. [/b]
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Postby W.J.C. » Wed Jul 30, 2003 1:35 am

I've been bullied and I have been the bully. Mostly the later. Intimidation is the best technique for finding those who can be bullied.

What has stopped me from body-dropping some potential victims is their self confidence. . . . . . The words "self confidence" are not to be confused with the concept of "bullying the bully".

It all begins with crass language and rude jestures. Teasing until you find a sensitive spot comes next. Whatever that "sensitive spot" is usually represents some unconsious fear (hey, admit it, we all have them). That unconsious fear controls you, you'll hide that fear from yourself and more importantly you'll hide it even more from the bully. Your unwillingness to confront your own fear gives the bully a chance to control you because he's pulling the strings the pulls that fear up to the surface.

Those who were brave enough to confront their fears (you know, accepting their imperfections, being okay with undesirable conditions) were able to walk away and end my tyranny. Those who didn't were bullied into anything I wanted from them.

Now, as I said, "bullying the bully" isn't the same as self confidence. Self-confidence is being uncontrolled by your fears. "Bullying the Bully" is using your own intimidation techiniques against him (your own bullying techniques). And all that leaves are two people left with physical confrontation in order to control the other one with. Ouch.

Some people will use physical violence sooner if they feel it's a better skill they have than their teasing. Usually just knowing karate gives one the self confidence needed in order for the bully to back down. If he doesn't see you're the least bit afraid by his initial taunts (pushing, slapping) he might quickly find a reason not to continue. Unfortunately, there's usually a crowd around at this point egging on a fight.

My peaceful approach in a fight would be to, at first, show that his punches, grabs, and kicks are easily controlled by you. If they're not controllable, take him down as fast as you can.
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Postby Norm Abrahamson » Wed Jul 30, 2003 2:57 pm

In describing a school yard encounter you wrote:

"As I said this would be a relatively minor fight as it wouldn't be for my life, and I wouldn't want be a) suspended b) sued c) arrested (very extreme, but still possible), and I certainly wouldn't want to hurt anyone, but I'd be afraid that I'd end up seriously hurt, and would fight with intent. "

What is a "minor fight?" How do you know it wouldn't be for your life? Once a fight starts, anything can happen. I agree with everyone posting that avoiding the fight is best if it can be managed. However, if you are in a fight with a mind set that it is only minor and nothing too bad can happen, you are putting yourself not only at a disadvantage, but in real danger. School yard scuffles can involve knives, multiple attackers, and that old standby the shod foot.

There is no such thing as a minor fight.


Norm Abrahamson
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