Ron LaBrie

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Ron LaBrie

Postby T Rose » Mon Aug 16, 1999 7:14 pm

Ronnie just moved out to CA. I don't have a forwarding address but if you Ron's old dojo Freddy Cieciercia should have it. The dojo is now being run by the seniors...
T Rose
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Ron LaBrie

Postby kc » Tue Aug 17, 1999 5:43 am

Does anyone have an address for Ron LaBrie?
I am a former student of his and would like to get in touch with him. I haven't seen him in about 8 years. Can someone help?
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Ron LaBrie

Postby miked » Wed Aug 18, 1999 7:55 am

Has ron moved to So. Cal, Central Coast or No. Cal?

There are very good schools Uechi schools in all sections of the state. Master Ahti Kaend's school is in Garden Grove in Orange County (So. cal.) If anyone hears from Ron, please let him know that he is welcome to join us

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