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VSD Kihon

Postby LenTesta » Wed Sep 13, 2000 7:13 pm

You are correct in your assumption that a mugger will more often than not attack someone whom they consider to be weaker than them and therefore an easy prey. They do not want to resort to violence if they can help it. Some attackers will run if they are met with resistance especially physical, but it all depends on how much the perp needs your money. If they are drug dependant and need the money for a fix, they may kill you for the money. You have to assume that they are going to harm you if you resist. I would only fight if I can be assured that I will get hurt whether I give up the wallet or not.

Len Testa

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VSD Kihon

Postby Panther » Wed Sep 13, 2000 9:29 pm

It's not lonely in here... there's lots of voices!

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VSD Kihon

Postby Wu Wei » Thu Sep 14, 2000 5:52 am

I recall hearing someone suggesting that if someone is trying to carjack your car and is attempting to force you in the car, to grab at your heart, make a big sigh, and bend over or fall to the ground (faking a heart attack) (this was geared toward a general audience who may not have any self-defense skills whatsoever). I don't know if I would do this myself, but I thought it was interesting since it's not something I would normally think of doing.
Wu Wei
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