Some Very Sick Weardos Out There. . .

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Some Very Sick Weardos Out There. . .

Postby gmattson » Tue Mar 30, 2004 12:48 pm

I am having mixed feelings about posting this. However, I feel it is important that we stand by our martial art friends when reputations are unjustly attacked, even if it means becoming a victim ourself in the process.

Quite a few martial artist have received email, faxes, phone calls and mail from a very sick (but smart) individual who has accused a number of people (including Uechi instructor Dan Rinchuse) of subversive and other very serious illegal behavior. I somehow got on this person's list last week and began to receive faxes and email containing multiple pages of hateful accusations regarding people on his "list".

There is no question about the person being very sick. The hate mail clearly originates from a Schizophrenic mind and most people will understand that the content is completely false. On the other hand, I'm convinced that quite a few people who read this trash and perhaps pass it along to others on their mailing list, will believe what was said and therefore feel the Uechi community is harboring a traitorous criminal.

Dan and I discussed what might be done and after talking with his attorney, Dan requested that I publish the following:


I spoke with my attorney concerning Andrew Drazdik, and he agrees with you that it is an excellent idea to post something on your website about the slanderous, delusional, and false information made by Mr. Andrew Drazdik. As anyone can see the information is incoherent, and rambling, but it could be misconstrued.

On previous postings, he not only refers to me, but also many others as the CIA, FBI, etc. Others in my dojo have also had their names slandered by Mr. Drazdik. So, to set the record straight for me and others who have been defamed and hurt by Mr. Drazdik, please do as you suggested.

Maybe it could say that: ALERT! A mentally ill person, Mr. Andrew Drazdik, has been posting delusional, slanderous, false, and erroneous information on the Internet, fax, e-mail, and phone concerning the FBI, CIA, Governor Jeb Bush, etc., and myself. Unfortunately, this is a very ill individual who is receiving pyschiatric treatment. I hope that Mr. Drazdik will respond to medication and counseling, and someday he can make a contribution to society.

Thanks again for your time and concern,

Dan Rinchuse

PS: For anyone interested in further information, just do a google search on Andrew Drazdik.
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Postby Rick Wilson » Thu Apr 01, 2004 6:27 am

Sad that people can be subject to such harassment. Good for you, George for standing up for a friend.
Rick Wilson

Postby Stryke » Thu Apr 01, 2004 7:10 am

An all loose situation all around , i hope it passes quickly and the person involved can get the appropriate treatment and make a full recovery .

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