Looking for a ride to SummerFest?

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Looking for a ride to SummerFest?

Postby gmattson » Wed Feb 24, 2010 9:19 pm


Well I bit the bullet and bought my airline ticket for Summer Fest today. I guess I'm committed now or I should be comitted. I was looking at the lodging and transportation section of the Uechi Web site and started to wonder if there was any place to try and arrange like hotel room sharing or transportation sharing with other fest participants.

It dawned on me that the forum would be a good place to advertise stuff like that but I didn't see anything. I wonder if you had considered or would be willing to consider setting up a Summerfest 2010 forum on the index where people could arrange sharing for the fest. I was thinking something like classified adds where people can post arrival times at Logan, rental car and hotel room sharing. Also, its been a while since my last fest, does the academy still offer rooms as part of the fest?

What do you think?



This is the place Dan. . . Good luck locating a ride. Of course, there is always the bus. . . (check out the SummerFest website)
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Planning Summerfest

Postby dmaestas » Wed Feb 24, 2010 10:38 pm

I know it sounds a bit early, but for a busy person like myself, it takes a while to plan a solo trip out to Boston. So far I have a flight itinerary to arrive to Logan at 4:10 PM and depart Sunday at 1:30 PM.

I plan on renting a car and will probably just stay at the academy. Is anyone willing to share the cost of a rental car with me? I would also be willing to pay for a ride if someone will be heading that direction and could give me a ride.

If this is a bit early to know, please keep it in mind as the dates get closer.

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