WinterFest 2011 Update. . .

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WinterFest 2011 Update. . .

Postby gmattson » Tue Jan 18, 2011 4:59 pm

You are invited to attend and participate in the
6th annual Martial Art WinterFest
Friday & Saturday, February 11 &12, 2011
at Frank Brown Sports Complex, 1245 Pine Ave Mount Dora, FL
Pre Register @ for discount

Day of event Registration 8:30-900AM
Fee: $150 both days $100 one day - includes lunch & all classes

Your host is George E. Mattson, 10th degree Uechi-ryu black belt and President of the International Uechi-ryu Karate Federation. He studied on Okinawa during his Army tour of duty from 1956-58, studying under Grandmaster Kanei Uechi and Ryuko Tomoyose. After teaching in New England for more than 50 years, Sensei Mattson and his wife Susan moved to Mount Dora where he teaches Mondays and Wednesdays for the Recreation Department.

Mattson authored one of the first karate books, published in 1962 and since then three more popular books. He created and still administrates the first martial art website and is also responsible for conducting the first Martial Art SummerFest in 1983 which continues to be hugely popular. Mattson has recently been awarded the prestigious USNKA (United States National Karate Association) Living Martial Arts Treasure Award. He was also honored with an eight page article about him in the prestigious January, 2011 Masters Magazine.

Many of his students travel from New England to participate in his growing Martial Art WinterFest and FireDragon Fitness Challenge that he and Dr. William Glasheen created.

His goal is to see his WinterFest become as popular as his annual SummerFest. He encourages all open-minded martial artists to participate and hopes that dojos will encourage their students to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to meet other martial artists and share their excitement and enthusiasm studying the basics of many different systems - all relating to the universal core principles that make traditional martial arts so effective and important in our lives.

Presenters: Posted on as they are confirmed: George Mattson, Tim Dando, Patty Dando, Jim Baggett, David Berndt, Darrin Yee, Roy Bedard, Tom Bentley, Fedele Cacia, Andrew Moore, John Spencer, Bill Glasheen, George Schriefer, Rick Potrekus, Joe Guidry, Harry Skeffington and many more to come.

WinterFest Schedule Plan: Sessions are approximately 50 minutes in length.

Each hour there will be something for every participant:
+classes in Traditional Okinawa Weapons (bring your own Bo)
+Basic Traditional System methods will be taught, for students of all levels.
+Unique self-defense applications, ground fighting, mindset and other important elements of self-defense and protection that our expert Roy Bedard will be covering in hourly seminars.
+Physical fitness, conditioning and training methods that can be used to benefit all health related programs.

9AM-3PM: All day workout. . Lunch from 12 - 1PM
3pm-7PM: Free time
7PM- 11PM: Karaoke Party at "Crazy Gators" (This has become a very popular evening activity at WinterFest)

Sat, Feb 12 - WinterFest Seminars
9AM-3PM - Traditional Uechi-ryu, Okinawan traditional weapon training, Grappling, Sport competition, Realist "mindset" training. Lunch from 12 - 1PM:
3PM-7PM: Free time

[New] Winterfest Weapon Seminar Bo & Jiffa

Discussion, training and application of the Bo staff (six foot stick) and the Jiffa (hair pin/fastener) which is also known as a Tinaka (small inside hand weapon) as they relate to martial arts training and more specifically to Uechi Ryu training and development. The focus will be on body movement and the development and application of power.

The weapons training complements and supplements good Uechi training by the utilization of the whole body - arms, shoulders, hips, legs, etc. Applications of the techniques will demonstrate the interrelationship of weapons and empty hand movements as they relate to the effective execution of Uechi movements. All attendees will leave with a better understanding of the Uechi system and improved ability to execute their Uechi techniques.

George Schriefer and Joe Guidry will be working with the Bo and Jiffa on Friday and Saturday. Rick Potrekus will be with us on Saturday, working with advanced students.

I am very proud and honoured to announce that Shihan Tom Bentley, (a martial art Icon here in Central Florida), has agreed to conduct a three hour special seminar at this year's WinterFest. His seminar will be available in three sessions, with a short break between segments. Participants have the option to participate in the complete three hour seminar or one or two sessions.

Seminar instructor Tom Bentley has trained in the martial arts for fifty plus years and holds dan rankings in Shito-ryu, Goju-ryu, Wado-ryu, Ju-jutsu, and Kobudo. He has been awarded Renshi and Shihan titles.
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New info on home page. . .

Postby gmattson » Fri Jan 28, 2011 9:28 pm

Also, please remember to contact me before February 8th if you are coming to WinterFest. We order food that day and if we don't know you are coming, you won't get any food for lunch at the site!
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Proud to see George and Rick Sensei's there...

Postby Stevie B » Sat Jan 29, 2011 3:17 am

Let me just say George Sensei,
Your decision to bring Rick Potrekus and George Shriefer into your Training Camp is a great thing!!!
I have known both of these gentlemen since I was still a whitebelt at Ric Martin;s Dojo!!
I can tell you this about both...

There is No one closer than Rick Sensei's interpretation as to what Tosh Sensei had to teach.. As far as George, I worked out with him on a day to day basis for over 4 years and he was the Sempai that taught me how to be tough and great work ethic!!!
Any one who has real roots, know what these 2 gentlemen have done for this Art!! So press on GEM!!! And for the lucky ones that may attend... Good luck with enduring the sessions... :lol:
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