Ground "Kumite"

Ground "Kumite"

Postby rich_simons » Sat May 18, 2002 4:39 pm

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Joe Sullivan:
[B]Mike, thank you for your response.

I wanted this two-person kata to be as reality based as possible, so I plugged in two takedowns that didn’t require a person to wear a gi top to be held onto.


You are 100% correct. Judo techniques are designed to work with a big, heavy gi. Many (but not all) of the techniques can be modified to work without a gi however. For example, many of the forward throws (the throws in which your opponent is thrown forward) can be changed by wrapping your arm around their head or by hooking underneath the arm. Even Ippon Seionage (the one-arm shoulder throw) ( can be modified by squeezing the opponents arm with yours in a clamp-like fashion. (This should be done with or without the gi anyway. But, you can get away without doing it, if your opponent is wearing a gi, due to the increased friction.)

These are just some thoughts. But your point about over-dependence upon the gi is well taken and totally valid.

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Ground "Kumite"

Postby JDeLuca » Mon May 20, 2002 1:24 pm

Joe P

You make a great point in asking the question about judo takedowns without the gi. Grips on the lapel, back and sleeves are a major part of judo training.
These grips can many times be adapted to be done without the gi for wrestling or BJJ competitions. For instance I've been working on a throw (uchimata sp?) in which I use an overhook on the upper arm instead of a cloth grip. Foot sweeps, trips are also easily adapted for wrestling.
Collar ties, wrist controls and over/under hooks can all be used for some throw modifications.

PS I saw the Keith Rockel/Leo Dalla fight. Keith turned it around in the 2nd round after being controlled on the ground. He defended the clinch and double and avoided the take down. Keith eventually got a good side position and punched until the ref stopped the fight.

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Ground "Kumite"

Postby f.Channell » Tue May 21, 2002 4:04 am

Uchimata, I still got a bruise on my ankle from a guy attempting that on me in NY about 3 times. Try a hook around the head with a high grip, an arm wrap is uchimata makikomi.
I look at the off balancing as the major element of a throw.
I don't have any luck with the hip throws which use the grips heavily. Osoto Gari for example really doesn't rely on the grip too much, you could palm heel the face or wrap your arm around the head.
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