What is the best system or technique to learn.........

What is the best system or technique to learn.........

Postby Dave Young » Tue Aug 08, 2006 5:55 am

This is a request from RACastanet to start this thread...all comment are welcome...

Many times we are asked in our classes some of the same questions I am sure you are asked from your students.....

"What is the best style or technique to learn or have"....For example I am teaching a Ground Defense course here in Phoenix, AZ this week. I will have officers from all over the state, and within the correctional facilities and even the Casinos. Some are very well rounded in their own styles and training. BEFORE WE ANSWER THIS QUESTION IN OUR CLASSES....

I start out with what we call an attention getter...I have grown to call this the come to "Jesus Drill"....(You know something Van..I have found that the sooner you can bring your students to Jesus..(IN TRAINNIG OF COURSE)...the quicker they will return to you.....funny uh?)

They go through the liability forms, stretching out, put on the necessary gear and equipment then go into a room where we have safety coaches (4 to be exact) and they are asked them to get on their back and I straddle their mid section in a low mount position...then I ask them if they are ready and as soon as I hear the grunt of yes and slight nod of head...I start throwing punches....punches to their head, face, jaw, chin, back of head, side of head, and I do not stop until one of three things happen....

1. The student freezes in fear and or forgot what they would have done or wanted to do and we hear them say STOP...or after the first 60-90 seconds of the pounding they do NOTHING...we stop...ask them if they are OK, pick them up and call next!

2. The student tries something..something they were taught, something they read, something they watched on the UFC, WWE or TV, something their favorite super hero did, something they had a pre-planed thought about....if it works GREAT..(rarely it does, lower than 5% percent to be exact) we reward them by stopping the pounding...if it doesn't then we continue the pounding until they realized they have exhausted all efforts..this usually takes about 45-75 seconds in most cases.....then we stop...ask them if they are OK, pick them up and call next!

3. The student attempts a technique which works but they fail to follow through..almost like they stopped for a minute to hear the roar of the fans or gave themselves a HI-5....so after they stop the pounding, we either take their firearm or choke them into submission...then we stop...ask them if they are OK, pick them up and call next!

When everyone has been through the attention getter...we meet in the classroom, let them watch (This is great so you can limit the behind the scene remarks of hey I did what I was trained in..EVERYONE gets to see the results...some laugh, some lower their heads, some even leave..but for MOST..we have their attention for the week..

We have found this type of attention getter to be PRICELESS...it does a few things...for one if the student brought their ego into the class they quickly run into the parking lot to put it in the trunk... lol...or they come to the REALIZATION they what they THOUGHT they knew they really didn't (THIS allows them to check their own BS Meter)..or they did it and it did work....of course it is ALWAYS great when the student does what they should have done and it works.....but again....when the moment of truth is upon you....your actions speak VOLUMES....

This learning tool has helped us clear the minds of the students to help the leaning process move a little smoother throughout the training period....

So after all that...We then answer the age old question for them," What is the best style to train in..."

Answer.."The one you remember at the time you need it...(of course we have found over the last 30 years of training, experience and research that it not only matters what you training them to do...it GREATLY MATTERS how you trained them to do it!)

As always....Van it is nice to see you on here and I hope you are well....

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Postby RACastanet » Tue Aug 08, 2006 1:28 pm

Most of my 'reality based' training comes from the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and a security company I train with and also instruct for.

These are two diferent scenarios as the 'force continuum' is different... one is combat oriented and the other is civilian oriented.

The Marines do train to fight when on the ground, and this is a fairly recent addition to the program - circa 2000. At the lowest level of training is gouging. Since an enemy combatant can be assumed to be trying to kill you the guidance is to get a hold of any soft body part that you can and rip it off or gouge it out. ears, eyes, lips, groin...

Many of the instructors are now recent returnees from combat zones and have seen the worst. The scenario you have posted is something they warn the new Marines about and pound in the need for the warrior mindset. How many people could actually put their thumbs in someones eyes and rip them out, or rip off someone's ears? Being ready to tear flesh is a decision that needs to be made now.

Some conventional grappling moves would be a front blood choke. If the attacker is wearing any kind of a shirt getting a choke set would be possible. Then pull your elbows in and hold on for about 10 seconds or until the attacker desists.

I would not get fancier than that though there are some possible arm bars available. I'll leave that discussion to the experienced grapplers.

If it was truly life and death I'd go for a good solid gouge or rip of flesh.

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