What they look for before they attack!..............

What they look for before they attack!..............

Postby Dave Young » Mon Dec 18, 2006 8:38 pm

Current statistics from the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) published by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) state that over the years personal attacks, mugging, robberies and violence towards a person in general have become more spontaneous over the years then in the past. The personal commitment from the attacker is greater due to the personal need for money and a quick gratification, combined with the quick thinking and reaction time needed to commit the act....the high or adrenaline rush they get. (The hurry up and let's do this mentality)

Some of these decisions are made on the spot from an assessment the attacker will do when evaluating you before they attack. Often people who are attacked or victimized by another ask themselves why me.........

Well there are something's that standout over the others. Now do not get me wrong sometimes you are in the wrong place at the wrong time....but sometimes there are a few things you display...maybe without even knowing it........

When I have had the opportunity to ask suspects why they did something or attacked this person over another person. Here are some of the things I have heard.

Attacker Keys...

1. Posture - how someone walks, are they standing erect or slouched over, is their head held high or are they looking to the ground.....are you scanning the area as you walk or are you walking in a daze, do you look injured or hurt.....this can show confidence, and awareness of your surroundings, and if the lights are on but no one is home.....are you hands in your pockets, are you holding something, or wearing something of value.

2. Type of Car you drive, clothing or Jewelry you wear....Shinning things on a person that can be seen for miles before you arrive draw attention more then you think, giving the impression you may have on your more on you then the average person..cars can be stolen and sole quickly for cash in chop shops, and jewelry can be stolen and sole extremely quick for cash leaving a very hard trace for cops.

3. How you act, are you loud and draw attention to yourself , are you sitting alone or with a group of people, are you acting immature without a purpose or professional with a purpose.

4. Tone of voice, loud, quiet, sharp, passive or aggressive, speaking with confidence.

5. Because I wanted to......

Additional thoughts before they make their commitment to attack you are;

If I confronted them and they did this what would I do now?
If they do not comply I will do this?
Hummm, I think I can take them if we fight?
What if I attack them and they draw a gun?

Just some additional things to look at and thing about.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, and Most Importantly Stay ALIVE!
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