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PostPosted: Sun May 04, 2008 11:56 pm
by cxt

"you want to reduce crime by fighting illegal immigration"

Not exactly, although the crime rate and its reduction one of many things that the revolve around illegals.

Again, its not a single issue for me--its multiple issues that intersect at points.

Illegal immigration is of course in-and-of-itself a ongoing and often multiple crimnal enterprise.

In any case, there are people---sometime childern that would be alive today if not for the actions of illegals--people whom had no right to be here in the first place.
A situation akin to me accidently burning down your house, while I was illegally squatting in it----if I was not illegally in your home---a place I had no right to be--I would not have been there to burn it down.

"you shouldn't say your kicking them out because you care"

I didn't, I said that illegals are often abused and expolited...a direct result of their illegal status.
Kicking them out and whatever happen to them after is a another problem entirely......has nothing to do with how their are treated here---like I said, you may want the cops to remove me from your home where I'm illegally squatting---but there is no reason for more force than circumstances call for.

"makes their situation worse by the only standards that matter"

Actually, I think the "standards" that "matter" most are the standards of the people and nation in which they are illegally living.....which is why I feel for their plight...but IMO there are other matters which take a postion of more importance.

I've heard it argued that one of the reasons Mexico has not managed to deal with its own problems is that has and continues to make serious, deliberate, concerted efforts to use the "northen safety valve" of the USA.
Why bother to work on your own ecomony and standard of living when you can just send your population elsewhere---esp when they will become a burden on someone elses health care and education system and send back huge amounts of money back into Mexico?

Perhaps things would improve faster if Mexico took responsibilty for its own people.