Ever Wonder Why???.....

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Ever Wonder Why???.....

Postby saterraji » Tue Sep 25, 2012 8:03 pm

Have you ever wondered why throughout your public school career, you were NEVER given more than the ABSOLUTE BASICS of the human body and how it operates?

How many of us out there know where the spleen is and what it does?

Who among us, still believes in the "four food groups" and the rationale behind something so public as..."fluoridating our water supply so we control dental decay"??

Is this why Adolph Hitler fluoridated all the public water systems in Germany in 1938 before WWII?....I have my doubts!

Is it any wonder why the U.S. population is 17th in longevity amongst the industrialized nations of the world? and why 85% of ALL c-section births are carried out here in the U.S?

Or, how the greatest jump in public obesity in our nation's history, came on the heels of the introduction and placement of H.F.C.S. (High Fructose Corn Syrup) into all processed foods and drinks...produced by the same collective corporate giants who have brought us genetically modified food, Round-Up, DDT, 24D--(agent orange), aspartame (feces from E-coli bacteria) and "pink slime" artificial meat product.

Maybe it's just that many of us are "bad luck prone" or in the wrong place at the wrong time...or maybe since we are going to die anyway, it really does not matter??? Or maybe, just perhaps, we don't really have the right to know how our food is grown and what is being put in processed food to suppress our immune systems while making us sterile....GMO's anyone???

And of course, we have not begun to visit the "cost to health benefit ratio"

derived from the use of "personal high-frequency digital radiation devices", more commonly know as...cell phones!...but yet all the research done so far (and funded by the cell-phone manufacturers) show there is no potential for damage to the body...

go to: www.bevolution.org for the real skinny on this one!!

The giant corporate wheel continues to spin, all in the name of "PROFIT"!

Mind you, I am not anti-profit or anti capitalism. These driving forces of the market-place, have indeed made this the greatest country on Earth! What disenfranchises me is the "cold-hearted" nature of how and why profit supersedes the basic health and well-being rights of the population. In the rush to maintain and ever-expand in the name of "the bottom-line", we have lost our way of hope for the future...What kind of planetary environment are we leaving our children's, children's children??

A "blind-eye" continues to be turned towards the public and the basic rights guaranteed us all, by the "Constitution and Bill of Rights" our founding fathers fought and died to provide. In the U.S., these founding precepts continue to be defecated upon daily by those who align with acquiring "Fiat Currency" at the expense of FREEDOM!!!

With this said...or more poignantly written, I bring you the "Self-Care Initiative" a forum for disseminating truth and information regarding not only our inalienable right to live a healthful, prosperous, peaceful and joy-filled existence but also timely and practical information on how


especially as it applies to times of political, social and religious upheaval.

Simple, time-tested and proven techniques to handle the 200 most common types of health concerns...ALL BY YOUR OWN EFFORT, PRODUCING THE MOST EFFECTIVE, NON-TOXIC CURATIVE RESULTS ANYONE CAN GET!!!!

Turn on, tune in and stay tuned to this source of cutting-edge information for the latest on how to remain healthy...naturally...and...BY YOUR OWN EFFORTS...NOW...THAT'S MY IDEA OF PERSONAL POWER!!!!


Dr. V
Learn to use the oriental micro-systems & heal.
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Re: Ever Wonder Why???.....

Postby gmattson » Thu Sep 27, 2012 12:12 am

Excellent post Dr. V! Good to see you back and active on the forums.
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