What is Iron Shirt?

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What is Iron Shirt?

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Funny how this thread listed "Iron Shirt" in the topic header, but so few people mentioned anything about it so I decided to do some research.

Basically, Iron Shirt is a technique developed to protect the body from blows--as if he wore an iron shirt. A more advanced form of protection is called the Golden Bell Cover which can protect, eyes, face, everything. The techniques doesn't strengthen the body. Rather, Iron Shirt was meant to enable the body to resist blows. It was developed in China.

I can't vouch for it's effectiveness. One person (Basher) in a forum joked, "Buy a Jacket / Shirt with large pockets all over. Slip one of Mantak Chia's Books into each pocket and Voila.... you're now impervious to injury."
https://www.thedaobums.com/topic/30104- ... -practice/

It's possible that Iron Shirt could shorten the lifespan of anyone who uses it. The big issue is risk of injury or wasting time learning from an unscrupulous teacher. It's too complicated. My technique for resisting blows is speed. I run away from the trouble. The thug can't hurt what he can't catch.

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