Buddhist Mudra in Sanchin

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Buddhist Mudra in Sanchin

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Hello everyone.....

I was curious if anyone may have information as to Buddhist mudra and Sanchin... Unfortunately, I have been having trouble posting pictures .... Specifically, the wauke with the palm up across the tanden to elbow.... I know there has been posting in the past about this, i.e. why it exist and why not just a single arm... Does anyone think it may be mudra? And also, the palm strikes from armpit and waist ....

www.exoticindiaart.com/ article/mudras

For example,
Bhumisparsha mudra
Abhaya Mudra

Thanks for everyones help!!!
Rick Wilson

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Welcome to the forum.

I have to admit not knowing the definitions of the terms you are inquiring about.

I kind of get the picture and I hope some can comment.

I do not do the arm across with the palm at the elbow in the Wauke.

I know many teach this at the start. I was told it was a learning posture to prevent the arm from flaring outside the body. I also know many do it right into higher Dan ranks. So perhaps someone who performs the Wauke this way will comment.

Can someone jump in and help respond to the question – thanks.

Not to detract from your question but this will explain why I am not the person to comment:








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I'm not 100% sure if he is referring to the where the right arm is in picture number #2 or not. If so then here is what I know:

I was tought that this was a beginners thing to brake down the wauke. a simple guide or block

At first we would guide the punch out of the way and then perform the wauke on the arm.. as the student got into green and higher we would start to drop this guide and just use the wauke to defend ourselves.

It was only ever explained as a guide. I personaly like it. just becuase in some of the katas where you turn 180 degrees and do a wauke and then usually a front snap kick. when your turning you don't know where a punch or a kick is coming.

Yes the wauke can and could take care of both situations. And even the pivot is designed to put you in a position of moving out of the way.. I view it as a back up just in case you miss with the wauke its there its helping.

I hope that this is what he is referring to.

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That's interesting, I was taught the exact opposite: we started with the wauke and later added in the checking motion. I'm not a very strong person and discovered that I personally need that guide hand if a strong person punches at me.
Rick Wilson

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I think there are lots of correct ways to do a wauke, depends on the situation. One way I look at a right front punch I am doing a right wauke on is that all I need to do to escape is tap the thing away from the target with my left hand. Then i do the smallest circle necessary and cut forward to the face or shoulder with the wauke. Here the wauke is the attack not a block, and the only block is that tap thing. Other times you don't need the tap because you're at a different angle to the foe, or a step put you out of punching range but you're grabbing to stay in kicking range.
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