Flag and drum - Seisan/Sanseiryu

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I'm not sure what the keys are to making this work yet. I havent' tried it out with anybody who didn't expect it...so it may be an abject failure in non-compliant mode.

The key so far is that uke has to be off his heels. If he's balanced and grounded he doesn't go anywhere.

But yet - the dropping into the seisan position keeps you from bending at the waist - it keeps me from getting pulled over by uke's forward motion. And I think, if you're stronger than I am you can keep hold of Uke's arm(s) and have a little more control over them than what I did in the video. But again, as we weren't using mats, I didn't want to keep uke from receiving the fall.
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awsome stuff!

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Great vid Dana! This really fit well with my mental picture of the drill, except that I wasn't envisioning the arm cross quite the same. I didn't get to the dojo on Wed night, so I'll have to try this out in the upper belt class on Saturday.

What you say about the heels lifting is classic operating theory in judo. You need several ingredients for any throw to work:

1) You need to stay balanced
2) You need to get below you opponent's center of balance (especially when outsized).
3) And/or you need to badly disturb your opponent's center of balance.

When he had a grip on you, you got this done by sinking and twisting. You were then below his center and getting him off balance by "steering" him where you wanted to go.

I can't wait to try this out! We do far to little throwing in Uechi and, in a broader sense, karate.


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The key so far is that uke has to be off his heels. If he's balanced and grounded he doesn't go anywhere.
Dana , just as a suggestion , try lifting them with the elbow then dropping it down , while not exactly the same as your application it`s similar to others Ive played with .

This works on folks with good base and grounding , It seems like just getting them over a hump , and then dropping the weight in they will crash into a void , it`s about angling and shearing the force so they cant reisist the many lines of effort .

Of course using the timing of the elbows and knees etc .

but awesome clip , am deffinately playng with this .
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Wonder why i go to canada to learn uechi ...... :D 8)

thats what i`m talking about ;)
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