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Rules for this forum. . .

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First. . . I asked Saterraji to moderate this forum. He is not getting paid (nor do any of our moderators) for doing this.

I've asked him to focus on health topics without attempting to discredit conventional medical practices. . . Instead, discuss alternative options where our many competent readers can ask questions relating to:

1. Possible dangers associated with the alternative treatment compared to known side affects associated with conventional methods.

2. Suggestions for testing alternative methods that our readers may be interested in using. Some possible areas to discuss:
a. Use of alternative methods to help individuals stop smoking or other nasty habits.
b. Use of alternative methods to treat conditions where conventional medicine has no effective treatment. . . such as my hand condition.

Our readers are smart enough to understand that drug companies aren't going to spend millions of dollars doing these tests. There is very little profit in determining that a $700 treatment will successfully treat a condition that drug companies charge $3000 a finger X 2-3 injections to treat.

I've spoken with Bill Glasheen about all this and he understands why I've created a separate forum for these discussions. I've asked Saterraji to make sure everyone stays strictly on-topic and always focused on the objectives involved.

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