It has come to our attention that a certain company in Michigan who also claims to be an "Ebay Power Seller" has been downloading our free COPYRIGHTED videos from this site and selling them. I believe that they think this is legal by making the absolutely STUPID ASSUMPTION that they are not selling the videos but a service.

This is their statement: We are selling most of these CDs as a service. This means that We are not selling the videos on these CDs, We are selling the time that it took us to find and classify all these files. In other words, you pay us to find these videos for you and to put them on these CDs. By buying these items, your are totally agreeing to these terms.

Now imagine copying the movie Gangs Of New York and selling the time it took you to copy it, not the movie itself. It won't fly in the court system now will it?

The videos on this site are all copyrighted and do not necessarily belong to Eastern Arts but we have the owners permission to post them here. You may view them for free or store them on your hard drive for FREE. Even pass them around to friends.

You DO NOT have the right or permission to distribute these videos in any format whatsoever for a fee. Just like you can record a broadcasted sporting event but CAN NOT rebroadcast, transmit, distribute, or otherwise charge for viewing it without the express written permission from that sport venue and broadcaster.

You hear that all the time when you watch a baseball, basketball, or football game. Now you are reading it here. We have also gone over the terms and services eBay has posted and I am totally convinced they violated it:

5.4 VeRO Program. eBay's Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program works to ensure that listed items do not infringe upon the copyright, trademark or other rights of third parties. VeRO program participants and other rights owners can report listings offering infringing items, and request that such items be removed. VeRO program participants and other rights owners may have limited access to some of your personal information as described in the Privacy Policy at (

Please enjoy the videos (for free). Anybody trying to sell you the videos is a) breaking the law and b) ripping you off.

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